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You no doubt value your privacy when it comes to keeping your e-mail addresses from being given out, sold, and spammed (being sent Unsolicited Commercial E-mail a.k.a. UCE). has the same high ethics when it comes to the treatment of your e-mail addresses. Your e-mail will not be sold, given away, or spammed in any way.

We are strictly against sending UCE of any kind. We will not add your e-mail address to any mailing lists unless you specifically opt-in (ask for) to receive offers and information from us on a regular basis. If you e-mail us for information and/or help, you can be assured that we will only talk to you regarding the issue you contacted us about. Once the issue has been covered, we will not continue to correspond with you unless you initiate another conversation via e-mail.

The same policy holds true for any personally identifiable information such as your phone, address, name, and especially sensitive information such as credit cards and social security numbers (we rarely ask for such information). In fact you should never provide full credit card numbers and/or social security numbers via e-mail. Currently, we have no need to ask for Social Security Numbers. If anyone claims to be an employee of or @PAGE and asks for a social security number via e-mail, Web or via the phone, decline the request and contact us right away so that we are aware of the issue.


No part of this site may be copied in whole or in part unless explicit permission has been provided by or the parent company @PAGE. Per copyright law, it is permitted to make short quotations from various print media. If permission has been granted to publish content from Web site, a link to is required, but permission must be authorized first from the publisher.


By asking for advice you agree to not hold, the respective affiliates, the parent company @PAGE or the respective contact person(s) responsible for any negative outcome as a result of taking advice via e-mail or other form of communication. The advice must be considered for informational purposes only. Advice found on this site is to be taken for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal council. We provide information, but it is up to you to make the final determination and take sole responsibility of how you will use the information.

The services displayed on are 3rd party services.* does not own any of the aforementioned services, businesses, or products. Any help or product you might recieve through these services or businesses is provided by those respective companies, agencies, and institutions and not by* No other relationship between them and should be assumed.* is a reference & advertising site and acts as a referral partner.

We hope you find this site helpful. This site will be continually updated so check back periodically when you are looking for helpful information and useful services and products.


Company Information is a subdivision of @PAGE. Thank you for visiting



The exception to these guidelines are products bought from the label site at: We are a distribution source for all labels listed. Any issues should be dealt directly with in connection to label orders placed through the label Web site.

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