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Prepaid Credit Cards / Debit Cards
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These cards are great for you of you want to track your budget or limit spending on a credit card. The best thing is anyone can get these debit type charge cards even if you have very poor credit or a bankruptcy. Plus these come with handy features such as free car rental insurance, free extended warranty protection on products bought, online management of balances and transactions, and many more features (see details for each card). Check them out and discover the advantages.

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      Offer From: Impact Visa
IMPACT Visa Card
  • 100% approval* —IMPACT VISA
  • NO credit checks!
  • 30-second instant approvals.
  • No more check cashing locations
  • Pay your bills over the phone.
  • Set up automatic bill payments from your Visa.
  • Send money to friends and family. (Buy 2, real-time card-to-card)
  • Save postage costs and time in paying Bills.
  • Keep your money safe—no more need for money orders or walking around with cash in your pocket.
  • Direct deposit from your employer.
  • Online and offline access.
  • Take your card from Job-to-Job.
  • Low cost fees.
  • Store your money safely.
  • 24/7 ATM access to funds.
  • No credit check or bank account required.
  • No security deposits required.
  • No employment verification.
  • Eliminate check-writing hassles.
  • Avoid late-payment fees.
  • The cardholder may only withdraw funds or make purchases up to the balance on the card. You cannot overdraft the account. There are no late fees or interest charges.
  • 24 x 7 online account access.
  • Multiple options to place money onto your Visa prepaid cash card.
  • Unlike traditional credit cards, the Visa prepaid cash card does not extend you credit. Instead, accounts are prepaid for a specific amount while still being backed by Visa for universal acceptance. There is no line of credit and accounts are only good for the balance applied.
  • Guaranteed approval.
  • Prepaid with easy loading options. [See more information / submit application...]
      Offer From: NMB Platinum Card
* Terms and conditions apply.

** Fees and terms Apply.
New Millennium Bank Platinum Visa or MasterCard Card • New Millennium Bank has guaranteed your credit approval for up to $10,000* with no credit check!
  • Guaranteed issue.
  • No credit check.
  • You are approved regardless of income or credit history.
You have been approved for a secured Platinum Visa and a Platinum MasterCard with a total credit limit of $10,000*! You get the benefits of Platinum status: emergency cash transfers, free $150,000 accident insurance, free auto rental insurance, free extended warranty protection.

When we receive your processing fee you will be sent instructions on how to redeem a "Free Companion Airfare.*" You can travel to most major U.S. cities when you purchase one adult round trip airfare.

You will also be automatically enrolled in The World's Best Travel where you will receive discounts and low, low prices on all your travel needs!

Your credit line will be equal to and secured by your New Millennium Bank savings account (minimum deposit $300, maximum deposit $5,000 for each card)**

When you make your first condo booking* through the World's Best Travel Club, the club will send you a cash rebate of $69.00!

When you apply you will get:

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