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Real Estate Mortgage Loans

Home loan rates are low for people with good credit. That's good for some people purchasing a home. You may be able to secure a loan at a good rate around 6% APR on a fixed rate mortgage and lower for an ARM loan. No one knows how long that will last, but if you want to get a home or you are already paying 7% or more on an existing mortgage, submit a home finance (or refinance) application to take advantage of interest savings.

ARM loans are typically better for people moving frequently as they are likely to have lower initial interest rates. Fixed rate loans are for the person who plans on staying in their home for 5 years or more. Don't take an ARM loan simply because it's initially lower right now if you plan on staying in your new home for 5 or more years. If Interest rates go up, the ARM loan's interest rate also moves up. Choose a fixed rate loan unless you plan on moving soon.

ARM loans are the type of loans that contributed to the current housing problems today during this recession era (2008/2009) and perhaps longer if what financial analysts say proves true. ARM loans generally are of the subprime type. We strongly suggest that you are very careful about going with one of these loans unless you are certain you will not be staying in your home for more than the fixed period specified on the loan terms. Read the fine print.

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