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We can help you today! Receive a Free “No Obligation” debt analysis.
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Consolidate Into One Low Monthly Payment
  • Home Ownership Not Required
  • Not a Loan

Our experienced debt reduction counselors work to provide you with the lowest interest rates and lowest monthly payments possible. Our non-profit credit counseling companies are currently assisting thousands of consumers restructure their high interest unsecured debt, while at the same time saving thousands of dollars in unnecessary high interest fees and miscellaneous charges, potentially cutting hundreds of dollars off their monthly payments.

iDebtAssistance can help. Whether your current bills are past due or current, we will design a payment plan that is right for you. We can consolidate all of your unsecured debt, including credit cards, student loans, medical bills, unsecured personal or business loans, medical bills, tax bills, and much more into one lower monthly payment, possibly saving you hundreds of dollars each month!

Please fill out our FREE debt consolidation information form. One of our certified credit counselors will contact you right away, and you will have taken the first step, along with millions of others, toward shaping up your financial future with iDebtAssistance!

Our debt reduction programs are the easiest and most sensible alternatives for consumers to become debt free.

What is Debt Reduction or Consolidation?

Debt reduction or consolidation combines all of your unsecured monthly bills into one, lower monthly payment with a lowered interest rate. The service that iDebtAssistance provides is NOT A LOAN.

However, we are able to assist our clients in drastically reducing their overall interest rate, monthly payments, and, most importantly, pay-off time.

We offer our service through a non-profit credit counseling agency that is designed to assist consumers in the repayment of their unsecured debt. Creditors receive certain tax savings for contributing to the program, in return they offer reduced interest amounts sometimes as low as 0%. Only non-profit credit counseling agencies like ours can offer you the services to get you the best rates.

How does the iDebtAssistance work?

A certified, experienced credit counselor will contact your creditors to negotiate your interest rates and monthly payments into a reduced amount that you can afford to pay. Many credit counseling agencies already have working relationships with these creditors, and they will know exactly how to negotiate what's best for you!

In addition, you no longer pay your creditors directly. All of your debts are consolidated into one manageable reduced payment to the credit counseling agency. The credit counseling agency, in turn, pays your creditors, on your behalf, monthly. Your iDebtAssistance application is kept confidential.

Will I really save that much money consolidating my debts?

Most credit counseling agencies can negotiate options that will dramatically lower your overall monthly payments, as well as your collective interest charges. Often times, they can negotiate zero interest re-payment plans for you!

Am I a candidate for debt consolidation?

If you are having problems paying your debts on time or see them accumulating too fast to keep up in payments, then you are a candidate for debt consolidation. Our counselors will determine what options are best for your financial situation.

How much do debt consolidation services cost?

Nothing! Because you are working with a non-profit credit counseling service, many of your creditors can use your account consolidation as a tax write-off due to lost interest charges. Through debt consolidation services, they almost always recoup the principal amounts owed on your account(s).

Remember, your creditors are not lowering your interest rate, but instead making it easier for you to make smaller payments. They know that if they don't help you out a little you may file bankruptcy and could likely collect nothing in return.

How is my payment determined?

All creditors have minimums that must be met before entering the program. Once a counselor looks at your financial situation, your payment will be based on the different creditors and balances you have.

Will I still receive collection phone calls?

Once you are enrolled into our debt consolidation program, your collection calls will soon begin to dissolve as the non-profit credit counseling agency begins to shape up your accounts. Within as little as 2-4 weeks, you should see a decrease in those pesky calls, this time for good! If they do continue, you can refer them to the program's center.

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